The ep-3 Bookingsystem is a web application. It requires a webserver to run.

System requirements

The latest stable versions are usually recommended.

  • Apache HTTP Server 2+
    • With mod_rewrite
  • PHP 8.1+
    • With intl extension
  • MySQL 5+
    (or equivalent MariaDB version)

Furthermore, a linux operating system is generally recommended for webserver deployments.


The requirement of the Apache webserver is basically because of the use of its rewrite engine (mod_rewrite). If you replace the .htaccess-file manually with an appropriate substitute, you may use another webserver as well.

The system is based on Zend Framework 2.5, which means it profits from its database abstractions. With a little bit of work, you may use it with another database management system ZF2 supports.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: October 2022