Extensive customization

You can customize texts, names, colors, squares, calendar, registration workflow and much more - easily via backend.

Products and pricing

Create pricing rules and offer additional products and services for bookings.


The system is fully localizable. Currently shipped with english and german translations.

Clear visual design

The system comes with a clear, contrasty and consistent design language. White and dark shades make it easy to integrate your corporate design.

Interactive calendar

The huge and clear calendar allows visitors, clients and administrators to achieve their goals simply by click on the fields.

Intuitive interface

The interface has been designed with simplicity and intuition in mind and should not require much learning.


The system uses CSS3 responsive techniques, so that it can be used on tablets and mobile devices as well.


Many pages, including the calendar itself, have been optimized for printing. This avoids waste of space and ink.

Simple in frontend and backend

The administration of bookings and users is almost as simple as the booking process itself.

Subscription bookings

Besides single bookings, you can also create subscription bookings repeated over long time spans. And you can still edit single dates!

Flexible calendar engine

The system does not (usually ;) explode if bookings overlap and are in conflict, but lets you easily review and solve them.

Each square is unique

Set opening hours, booking intervals, rules, information, pricing and products for each square individually. Or make them readonly.

Event system

Publicly visible events block one or more squares for an arbitrary period of time and inform visitors about upcoming events.

Image and File Manager

Add images, videos and documents to your texts - with the unified file manager which is integrated in all visual editors.

Assist accounts

You can promote user accounts to assistants and assign them different privileges to let them help manage bookings and users.


Modern software base

The system is based on ZF2, PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.3+ and uses lots of HTML5 features without the burden of ancient browser support.

Free and Open Source

You can inspect, change and use it as you like (even commercially) thanks to its MIT license.


Developed with ♥

Want to contribute? See GitHub page!