The registration form allows visitors to create new user accounts by providing credentials for the login as well as some personal data like name, address and phone number.

The password will be encrypted.

Besides registration as a single person one can also register as family or firm by selecting the appropriate gender.


Business terms and privacy policy

If PDF documents for business terms and/or privacy policy have been uploaded via backend, they appear on the registration form and must be accepted prior to completing the registration.


After completing the registration, the new user account has to be activated before it is fully functional and the user can actually log in. This is kind of a verification process. The following activation workflows can be set via backend:

  • Immediately: The user account will be automatically activated and the user can log in.
  • Manually: The user account has to be activated manually by an administration or assistant account.
  • Manually with notification: Like Manually, but the system administrator will receive an email notification when new users await activation after registration.
  • Per email: The user will automatically receive an activation email, which contains an activation link that must be clicked in order to confirm the email address's validity.

In each case, the user will see an appropriate message after registration that explains how to proceed.

Disable registration

You can disable the registration of new users altogether in the system backend (behaviour configuration). You may provide an optional message, why registration is disabled or rely on the default message.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014