Registered or manually created users can log in via the login form to book free squares, check and cancel their bookings or update their data.

Users can either log in by using the login form row above the calendar or by using the dedicated login page.

Successful login

If email address and password are passed and valid, the user will be forwarded to the calendar and receives a quick success message there.

Failed login

If email address and/or password are missing or invalid, the user will see an appropriate error message. For security reasons, that message will not provide any details on why the login actually failed.

However, if the affected user account is not yet activated or blocked, this status will be communicated.

To prevent brute force attacks (i.e. to detect the password by continuously trying), the login will be blocked after too many unsuccessul attempts for a short amount of time.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014