User search

The user administration always displays an input field for searching. You may search for an explicit user number (an automatically assigned incrementing number) or for the complete or partial name.

The user number 1 does always exist and belongs to the administration account.

The search results will be listed beneath the search field. To view or edit a user, click on Edit. Alternatively you can view the user's bookings.

Advanced search

The advanced search works by appending certain keywords to the search term.

For instance, if you search for


you might find a lot of users in your database. To further narrow the search, you can add filters like

Smith (active > 2014-01-01)

which will list only "Smith"s that were online since January 1, 2014.

A selection of possible filters are displayed when you click on Advanced search next to the search input field. The displayed filters can also be clicked to copy them right into the search field.

Filters may also be used without a search term and/or may be combined. The following example demonstrates that:

(status = assist) (active = 2014-06-01)

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014