Edit or create users

The form to edit and to create users is the same.

Besides that, the search input field will always be displayed with the latest search term, so that you can quickly navigate back or start a new search.

Edit user

User number

The user number cannot be assigned manually and cannot be changed. The field is not editable.

The user number will be automatically assigned by the system, starting with 1 for the first user and incrementing for each consecutive user.


The alias is an arbitrary name or designation for the user. By default, it consists of the first and last name, but can be changed on demand. The alias will be displayed in the calendar and will be considered by the search.


This selection defines the user status and thus, what he can or cannot do in the system. For an explanation of the different status options, see users.

When the Assist status is choosen, an additional selection field appears to define the single privileges for this user.

Obviously, assist users cannot assign others or themselves the admin status and they cannot alter their own privileges.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014