The user administration is available via the administration menu above the calendar (if logged in with appropriate status or privileges).

User status

Users can have one of the following status:

  • Placeholder: Placeholders are records that will be implicitly (by booking on a name not associated with a user account) or explicitly (by creating them via user administration) created. They need a name at least, but can contain more personal data on demand. However, placeholders cannot log in, as they are no real users.
  • Deleted user: Marks the user as deleted and prevents further logins.
  • Blocked user: Marks the user as (either temporarily or permanently) blocked and prevents further logins.
  • Waiting for activation: This status will be assigned between registration and activation. The way the user will be activated depends on the system's activation policy, which can be choosen in the backend's configuration.
  • Enabled user: This is the default status for activated users that can log in and book squares.
  • Assist user: Users with this status can assist the administrator in certain areas of the system. Which administration functions they can access can be defined via privileges.
  • Administration: Primary administration account with all permissions.

The user status can be changed to any of these for every user via the user administration.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014