Here you can precisely define which squares you have, what their names are and when and how long they can be booked. You can also provide additional information and rules for your squares.

On the squares configuration page, simply choose the relevant square and click Edit. Alternatively, you can create a new square.


Square status

Each square can be of one of the following status:

  • Enabled: Square will be displayed and can be booked.
  • Read-Only: Square will be displayed, but cannot be booked. Useful for purely informational squares. You can provide an optional message.
  • Disabled: Square will neither be displayed nor can it be booked.


An arbitrary number to define the order in which squares are displayed. Squares with lower numbers come first.


Defines how many players fit onto one square at once. If greater than 1, users will see a selection field for choosing the amount of players when booking.

In case multiple bookings are enabled as well, a square can be booked by different users at the same time, until its capacity is reached. The calendar will show the occupation like "2/3 already occupied".

Start and end time

The opening hours of that square. May be different from other squares.

Time block

Defines the time blocks of the calendar. The actual time blocks are determined by the smallest time block of all available squares.

Time block (min./max. bookable)

Defines the minimum and maximum time block users are allowed to book. In between, they have the choice.

Square info and rules

Here you can define additional information texts that can be displayed above or beneath the square data in the calendar. You can also define additional rules (as text or PDF document) which must be accepted prior to booking.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014