Edit or create bookings

The form to edit and to create single and subscription bookings is always the same.

The fastest and most convenient method to create, edit and delete bookings is to simply click on the cells in the calendar.

Edit booking

Booked to

You can either type an explicit user number or a user name. The input field is also a search field by providing matching users in an autocomplete popup.

When saving a booking to a user, the system proceeds as follows:

  • If the field contains a number or a name with a number in brackets - e.g. "Tom (5)" - the booking will be connected to the user with that number. This is the most explicit way.
  • If the field contains only a name
    • that matches exactly one user, this user receives the booking.
    • that matches no or multiple users, a new placeholder user is implicitly created with the passed name as alias.

Time and date

These input fields should be self-explanatory. They define the booked time period.

The start and end time apply to each day (if repeated).


This choice makes the difference between a single and a subscription booking. If a repetition greater than Only once is choosen, the booking becomes a subscription booking that is repeated until the passed end date is reached.


The booked square.

Billing status

See bills

Number of players

You can configure how many players fit onto one square at once. By default, that is 1 aka one booking.

Depending on your facility however, multiple players may book one square until its capacity is reached.


This field can be used for internal notes that are only visible to administration and assist users.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014