The booking administration is available via the administration menu above the calendar (if logged in with appropriate status or privileges). However, the fastest and most convenient method to create, edit and delete bookings is to simply click on the cells in the calendar.

The system distinguishes bookings according to the following criteria.

Single and subscription bookings

A single booking is one continuous booking, that only occurs once.

A subscription booking on the contrary, may occur repeatedly over a long period of time. For example, it may occur every friday for half a year.

Bookings and reservations

A booking consists of one (if single) or multiple (if subscription) reservations. These are the concrete occupancies of squares for specific dates and times.

The booking records contain data like the user, for whom the square is booked, the square itself and the booking status.

The reservation records contain dates, start and end times for when the booking actually occurs.

A booking contains one or multiple reservations.

Each reservation contains to exactly one booking.

Even though the distinction between bookings and reservations is useful to know, it is not that important for the everyday work with the system. Most of it is automatically managed by the system. The only place where it is actually relevant is when editing a subscription booking, where the system asks whether to edit the booking or the current reservation.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014