About the system

The ep-3 Bookingsystem is an open source (MIT licensed) web application to enable users to check and book free places of an arbitrary facility easily online via one huge calendar.

Even though it was initially developed to enable booking free squares of a covered court for a tennis club, it is flexible and customizable enough to be deployed to a wide variety of different use cases. Basically, it can be used in situations where users/clients should be able to book distinct squares/objects in single time blocks.


Accordingly, the words square and squares in this documentation represent a generally bookable object. In fact, the naming of such squares can be arbitrarily choosen in the system backend and will then change everywhere throughout the application.

The same is true for all other relevant names and labels, which can be easily edited via the system backend (for example, the name of the facility).

In this documentation, the word user denotes somebody, who is registered and logged in and is able to book squares. The word visitor on the contrary denotes an anonymous visit without login.


The primary element of the system is the huge and clear calendar, which displays the bookable squares and time blocks.

The calendar

  • shows which squares are available,
  • their opening hours,
  • their pricings and
  • their availabilities.
  • It provides status and descriptive information to visitors.
  • It enables users to book squares or cancel bookings.
  • It shows names and booking details to the administration.

The calendar interaction is done by intuitively clicking on the respective calendar cells.


Around the calendar are some further supportive pages positioned, like the (completely customizable) info and help pages, the registration, login and password-request page.


An overview of the currently available features can be found on the features page.

Created by: Tobias Krebs
Updated: June 2014